As a buyer, you no longer need to be acting alone in the searching, viewing, assessing and negotiating the property transaction. Your appointed Associate who specialises in ‘everything property’ will be your professional throughout this process, satisfaction assured.

As Bellamy’s is uniquely structured in a similar way to that of a Law Firm, our Associates represent their client’s best interests exclusively and confidentially in all aspects of a property transaction.
A Bellamy's Associate has an acute understanding of this process, it is their craft, their expertise and engagement in such conversations, every day. As with a solicitor, their service is either defending or prosecuting for their client, we are no different as we are simply representing the buying party as our client, not the seller in this instance.

By representing a client’s interest as a buyer under a sole agency agreement directly to the selling party in a property transaction, the buyer benefits from the Bellamy's Associates experience. This will give the buyer several advantages namely:

  • Specific property information
  • Validation of all vendor conditions and statements within the sale & purchase contract
  • Access to current market statistics
  • Meet with our client ‘on site’ to assess the property and the seller, sellers agent
  • Demonstrate a cognitive level of negotiating skills to confidently achieve a property purchase ‘for the least price possible’ on terms and conditions favourable to our buyer, client in all respects.


Call now to discuss this service, it will cost you nothing, save you thousands that could represent; new furniture, a car, a holiday or just smaller mortgage and a shorter pay back period.