Why pay a percentage of your rental income each month?

Legislation compliance, management and maintenance. Maximise your rental yield and only pay for the time and attendance, plus disbursements, spent looking after your investment property instead.


Reduce the risk & aggravation of investment property and increase your return

We offer another Bellamys disruptive innovation for transforming the business of Property Management from a ‘sneaky snatch’ at your wealth by way of a percentage of the rental/lease income, to one of a Professional Consultancy on a basis of time & attendance plus disbursements.



When there is nothing to be done to your property, why should there be a fee taken from the rental/lease income?

The burden of management does not change from property to property, nor does a property returning $10 000.00 per month require any more attention than that of one yielding $1000.00 per month. It’s a scheduled process that is not altered unless there is an unforeseen issue or an additional requirement by any party. A management contract that has a focus on a cash return rather than client satisfaction is simply a conflict of interest from the get-go and does not represent either quality or quantity in the service provided.


A complete departure from the status quo

We have introduced Integrity and Transparency into our service, it’s simply based on the reality of the time and attendance involved in managing a property, residential or commercial and Nothing Else.



Whether you have a single property or an entire portfolio, call now for a discussion, we won’t waste your time.


"An outstanding company with truly professional people who understand who they are working for either purchasing or selling property."

-Alistair Connell & Susan Wright – Westmorland, Christchurch


Bellamys Property Management Limited